Midwest Green Energy
Sun-Power Solar thermal heating is a renewable energy converted from sunlight into thermal (heat) energy.

More than 300,000 solar pool heating systems have been installed in the United States, providing efficient heating to residential and commercial swimming pools around the country.

The U.S. spends more than $13 billion-a-year on energy for home water heating. That is the equivalent of 11.4 barrels of oil per household, more than the amount
of oil (in the form of gasoline) burned by a medium-sized automobile driven
12,000 miles.

•  Over 1.5 million Americans have invested in solar hot water systems for their
   homes and businesses, with over 94% of these customers considering the
   investment a wise decision.

•  The power saved by all the solar hot water heating and pool heating systems
   currently installed in the U.S. is equivalent to 9 megawatts per year, or the annual
   output of a typical nuclear powerplant.

•  A business can realize savings of 20 - 30% on electric or fuel bills by utilizing a
   solar water heating system to replace its conventional one.

•  Price for solar water heating systems are approximately $125 per square foot
   of collector. The life-cycle cost of a solar water heating system is at least 20%
   lower than a conventional water heater.

•  When a solar hot water heating system is included in the financing for a new
   home, the typical cost of the system ranges from $13 to $20 month and because
   the system is included in the home's mortgage, the homeowner can take
   advantage of a federal income tax interest rate deduction.